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On this invigorating December 1st of 2018, Heartland Hemp Inc., the U.S. Hemp Cooperative, convened with Pasco County Commissioner Jack Mariano (R) to discuss the numerous benefits of utilizing hemp in the state of Florida.
The meeting took place at Heartland CBDs own shop, located at 6802 Ridge Road in Port Richey at 9:00 AM.
Together, the group began discussing numerous and important ways that hemp is able to provide stimulation to our economic growth as well as our environmental health.
Bioremediation of Florida’s soils and farmlands was a major topic of discussion at the table where the studies of utilizing fibrous hemp to detoxify the soils and help with cleaning up Florida’s environment. 
Florida’s water supply was a topic of discussion, and using the bioremediation as a basis of research, could open up doors to restoring the overall health of the state’s land and waters.
There are many items that must be addressed, including farming transitions, harvest, machinery, applications, early adoption, research, and education to name a few. 
Processing hemp is in high demand all across the country, and Florida is widely known for its ports and networked railways and highways are meant for speedy transit of goods that are barely used, and could once again regain its purposes through hemp and cannabis.
Many more topics of discussion were had about the improvement of the economy and environment of Florida, and it was decided that West Pasco County would serve as a viable base of operation to initiate with.
Today, we are pleased to announce the collaboration of Heartland Hemp Inc., The U.S./ Florida Hemp Cooperative, and Pasco County Commissioner Jack Mariano, under the name of the Florida Sustainable Agriculture Committee. 
More information will be shared as we progress. 
Present at this meeting:
Pasco County, Florida Commissioner: Jack Mariano (R)
U.S. / Florida Hemp Cooperative team includes: Linda Harrell, President and Anesia Jackson, Treasurer
The Heartland Hemp Inc. team includes Dr. Robert Heinzman, CEO; Dr. Joe Heinzman, COO; Joseph R. Heinzman Jr., President; Joseph Edwards, CIO; and Michelle Heinzman, Treasurer. 

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This project is brought to you by Heartland Hemp Inc., The Florida Hemp Cooperative, and The US Hemp Cooperative, in collaboration with Pasco County Comissioner, Jack Mariano.